Phoenix Police: “Refrain from dressing up like clowns for Halloween”

PHOENIX, NY – The Phoenix Police Department has taken to Facebook to ask village residents to “refrain from dressing up like clowns for Halloween.”

The request, triggering varied response from the public, was posted to the Phoenix Village Police Department Facebook page.

The post referred to the request as “an appeal” and sited both high school students and adults alike that have approached the department regarding their fear of clowns.

The request stems from multiple sightings of clowns reported in the media all over the nation, including as close as Syracuse.

Phoenix Police said the recent “clown controversy has caused a lot of havoc” and they are “really not sure how we have gotten to this point.”

However, the post made it clear that the Phoenix Police Department will not view any residents “clowning around” with the intent to cause fear in others as a laughing matter.

“I will tell you that if someone hides behind a clown costume with the intent to cause fear, alarm or commit a crime- we won’t be clowning around when they are apprehended. Let’s get back to being decent human beings,” the post warned.

One Facebook user responded in favor of the request saying, “Having two grandchildren, ages 5 and 10, I support this appeal 100%. When a community is politely asked to consider complying to any ‘appeal’ by law enforcement, I’m going to assume its for good reason, and then I’m going to comply. It’s for the kids. How can you not comply?”

Trick-or-treat hours in the village run from 6 – 8 p.m. on Halloween night (Monday, Oct 31.)

The Phoenix Police Chief Marty Nerber will be on hand Halloween night to trick-or-treat with any residents that wish to do so.

Nerber will be meeting anyone who wants to trick-or-treat with the police chief at 5:45 p.m. at the Police Department located at 455 Main St.

As implemented last year, the village of Phoenix will again host a DJ Dance Party on Halloween for residents to enjoy music, refreshments, and a costume party from 7:45 – 9 p.m. at the Phoenix Fire Department located next door at 457 Main St.

The Village of Phoenix Police Department asks residents to refrain from dressing as clowns for Halloween.
The Village of Phoenix Police Department asks residents to refrain from dressing as clowns for Halloween.

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  1. So now because “some people” are “afraid” of clowns, no one is suppose to dress like one on Halloween, yet people who dress like gang members are permitted to walk the streets daily regardless of peoples fear of them. Funny, I remember when “decent human beings” used to bring their kids to the circus to SEE the clowns. Now all they have to do is bring them to the convience store. However, I would probably agree that in light of all the recent controversy and clowning around by those who have now given clowns a negative image, it would be best to comply.

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