Phoenix Students Receive SPARK Awards

PHOENIX – Exceptional effort in the classroom, academic excellence and character were in focus during a SPARK Award ceremony at John C. Birdlebough High School in mid-April.

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Assistant Principal Patrick Fitch presents a SPARK Award to Chloe Koegel during a recent recognition ceremony.

Nearly three dozen students received recognition through the awards program for the third marking period.

The awards celebrate students who help ignite a path to greatness by exhibiting positive character traits, such as helping others and persevering through challenges.

Principal Thomas Bailer lauded the students for their contributions to the school community.

He noted that the honorees were nominated by teachers who witnessed the students’ positive influences at JCB.

“Your teachers have recognized you for your dedication and hard work,” Bailer said. “Congratulations, you make us proud.”

The SPARK Award recipients included Breanna Mitchell, Scott Bell, Jonathan George, Wendy Li, Kurdt Coffin, Ashley Kenner-Carbonaro, Joseph Pickett, David Hull, Samuel Stellingwerf, Ryan Bower, Selena Byrne, Andrew Avery, Julianne Yates, Ethan Remington, Morgan Gravlin, Lauren Kraft, Chloe Koegel, Marissa Moore, Alexa Uttamsingh, Carolanne Switzer, Lillian Thomas, Kyle Barrington, James Balles-Clark, Kali Livingston, Cheyenne Cook, Gianna DeRoberts, Tianna Martin, Morgan Johnson, Alisa Trudell, Grace Arnold, David Burgess and Katelyn Kenner-Carbonaro.