Photo Gallery: Can Drive Spills Over A 10-Wheeler’s Bed

How many cans does it take to fill a 10-wheeled dump truck?

The Hannibal Band Boosters have a pretty good idea. How about 18,801?

The Boosters helped the high school’s Senior Band to raise money last weekend. They decided to stage a drive to collect returnable cans and bottles.

Band parents Ken and Darleen Malone volunteered the 10-wheeled dump truck from Ken Malone Excavating. Peggy, Duane and Nick Shepard of N&N Redemption Center offered to count and bag all the cans. All that was left was to go round up the cans.

More than a dozen band members, along with parents and friends of the program went door to door on Saturday, Nov. 7. When they were done, 18,801 cans were in the truck.

They raised $940 for the Senior Band.

Photos in the gallery above contributed by band parent Theresa King.