Photo Gallery: Huge Crowd of Racing Fans Convinces Volney Leaders to Not Change Noise Ordinance

Fulton Speedway has been making noise on summer Saturday nights for half a century.  Thursday night, Volney town officials decided to leave the town’s noise ordinances just as they are.

Some of the track’s neighbors wanted the ordinance changed to prevent the speedway from running a race after 11:00 p.m. or after August.  The speedway has run the Victoria 200 in October for many years.

But the threat of change caused the speedway’s owners to call for help. Their cavalry arrived at Volney Town Hall Thursday night — a crowd large enough to fill the hall.  Most wore racing clothing or carried signs in support of the speedway, whose owners said they might be forced to close if the noise ordinance was changed.

Town officials listened to dozens of comments during the long public hearing, then decided that the current ordinance was just fine as it is.

Thanks to racing photographer Dave Medler for the gallery of photos below.


  1. It’s a great thing when people come together for the common good. Democracy in action.
    To some that “noise” is music to their ears.

  2. Fulton racetrack has been there 50 years. It is Grandfathered in. No one can touch it .the people that built knew there was a race track there it was no secret

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