Photo Gallery: Steeple Falls; Aftermath

Photographer Rocco Saya allowed us to take our pick of the photos he posted on his Facebook page.

We chose a sequence of photos taken as firehoses blew down the damaged steeple of St. Louis Church, the last moment when a symbol of the church stood in the city.

We also picked a handful of photos from the day after, which find some art in the rubble.

Thanks to Rocco for his generosity.


  1. It was a very artistic vision, making something positive from the negative. Just watching that landmark come down brought tears to my eyes. So sad.

    We lost Breneman’s Tower, at the 481 entrance to our city less than a decade ago, and now we’ve lost one of the high points of the east side. I think that Washington Square-East Park will look more drab without that tower watching over it. Even in disrepair, that little church stood proudly on the park, a reminder of our past. It is always sad to lose a part of our history. This is the second steeple on East Fourth to be lost. The other was the little church on E. Fourth and Oneida. Thankfully, that lovely church still stands, and is used!

    Debbie, reliving a flood of memories watching the water take the tower down.

  2. I remember going to Girl Scout meetings in the hall at the back of the church – and to mass in the church itself–it was a beautiful church—very sad to see it come to this end

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