Physical Therapist Shares His Story With Rotarians

FULTON, NY – At a recent Fulton Rotary Club meeting, Rotarian Bill Rasbeck introduced Dan Ignacio to the Rotarians.

Dan Ignacio and Bill Rasbeck, right
Dan Ignacio and Bill Rasbeck, right

Ignacio, is a physical therapist who is employed by Oswego Health and works in Fulton at Oswego Health’s Urgent Care Facility.

Rotarians are interested in international service.

Dan was raised in the Philippines, attended medical college in that country, and then took a job in Saudi Arabia.

Dan worked in Saudi Arabia for five years.

He discussed his experiences in Saudi Arabia with the Rotarians.

In Saudi Arabia he worked for a private hospital and was only allowed to treat male patients except for the females in the hospital owner’s immediate family.

He discovered that women have limited rights in Saudi Arabia, but generally can obtain the same health services that men can.

Dan also told an interesting story about making home visits to treat a wealthy sheikh.

He said that he made a lot more money from the private visits than he did from working for the hospital.

Dan said that during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, there is no work from dawn to dust.

One works their job during the wee hours of the night for that month.