Pirates Headed For Oswego

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The Royaliste

Flying pirate colors from her mizzen mast, Royaliste and her crew have set their sails for Oswego!  The ship will be here for a short visit Sunday, August 24, berthed outside the H. Lee White Marine Museum, at the West First Street Pier in Oswego’s “Historic Maritime District.”  Then, after stepping her masts (for land lubbers, taking them down), she will head down the Oswego Canal.

Royaliste is a private historic re-enactment vessel that strives to be a reminder of the roles privateers and pirates played in early America.  She has four working canons and the public is invited to view an on-deck display of edged weapons and flintlocks as well as actual used cannon balls from the 1700s.

Originally built in Nova Scotia in 1971 and transported from California three years ago, Royaliste travels to ports of call for contracted appearances.  Following on the popularity of recent pirate movies, the tall ship was prominently featured in an A&E History Channel documentary, True Caribbean Pirates that was filmed in December 2005 and most recently appeared in The Privateer, filmed in Wilmington, NC in the fall of 2007.

Contact the Museum for more information: 315-342-0480 or www.hleewhitemarinemuseum.com.