Pizza With the Principal For Top Accelerated Readers at Fairgrieve

Submitted article

The top accelerated readers from Fairgrieve Elementary School were rewarded with a special luncheon of “Pizza with the Principal.”

Students earning 100 or more points had lunch in the courtyard where certificates and other prizes were awarded at that time.

The top five point earners were: 1st place – MaKenna Cealie with 455.6 points, 2nd place – Ben Fobes with 327.4 points and 3rd place – Joshua Dela Cruz with 313.6 points.

Other top point earners included: Jessica Suphan, James Bailey, Sheenvia Conley, Grace Trepasso, Madison Lang, Hailey Carroll, Geoffry Michaels, Joshua Hotaling, Audrey Davis, Dawn Deaton, Kellie Gorman, Justin Hatch, Camrin Woodward, Abigail Field, Christine Hotaling, Alexia Abelgore, Kira C. Hartnett, Ethean Akins, Kayla White, Nathanial Foster, Craig Davis, Sheyenne Matott, Michael Bolster and Quinn Webb.

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