Plans Underway to Develop Municipal Sewer Service Between Fulton and Volney

OSWEGO COUNTY – The Oswego County Legislature continues moving forward with projects aimed at improving infrastructure and enhancing service to residents.

The body voted to authorize applications for grant funding, and the intermunicipal agreements in support of them, to help with a project that will pave the way for the development of municipal sewer service between Volney and Fulton.

“Back in 2009, the county established a capital project to develop municipal sewer service between the city of Fulton and the town of Volney,” said Legislator David M. Holst, District 4, chairman of the Oswego County Legislature’s Government, Courts, and Consumer Affairs Committee. “While the project was designed and approved, the external funding we sought to help pay for it was not. Earlier this year, we recognized that there might be new funding sources, so we jumped at the opportunity.”

With recent growth and development in the area around the Oswego County Airport, there is renewed interest in the project.

“Each municipality recognizes the importance in moving forward with this plan and the positive impact it will have for the communities involved,” said Oswego County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner, District 13. “Not only will it potentially reduce the number of individual septic systems; which can affect the quality of groundwater, but it will also increase economic development opportunities for the area.”

The estimated cost of the project is just more than $2.5 million, which will be reduced pending the approval of grant funding.

One of the many requirements for this and other grants the county is hoping to receive is an intermunicipal agreement between Oswego County, the city of Fulton and the town of Volney.

If the grant applications are approved, the county will pay the remaining costs associated with construction of primary infrastructure in what is identified as section 2 of Volney Sewer District #1.

However, it will not own or operate the lines in the district.

The town will own and be responsible for the lines for the first year and then the city will accept ownership.

According to Oswego County Administrator Phil Church, chairman of the Oswego County Shared Services Panel, “This agreement is an excellent example of intermunicipal cooperation. It promotes shared services and serves the best interests of each respective municipality.”

At this point, the project will focus on providing service along county Route 176 and a portion of Howard Road in the town of Volney.

It will include the airport and the adjacent industrial park properties which are owned by the Oswego County Industrial Development Agency.