Please Help Bring ‘Hoover’ Home


MEXICO – Recently, someone stole “Hoover” a hand-carved dog from Mexico Point Park.

The "Hoover" statue was stolen recently.
The “Hoover” statue was stolen recently.

“Hoover” was handcrafted by a local artist and is a valuable piece of art.

“Hoover” is part of a project to show the history and usage of the park over the years.

It is so sad that some person or persons can be so selfish and have so little respect for themselves and their community that they would steal a piece of art from their park, park staff said.

The park is a place where people of the community can come to enjoy the beautiful grounds, access to Lake Ontario and the facilities provided free of charge for the enjoyment of all, by the town of Mexico and the Friends of Mexico Point Park.

This is the third time that persons have taken advantage of the park’s open policy.

“Joseph Brandt,” one of the Park People was taken in 2014, in 2015 a person or persons felt they were entitled to the park’s split rail fence and now in 2016, another “Park People” statue, “Fishing”, has been taken.

Please help bring “Hoover” home. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the dog statue, “Hoover”, please call or email the park at 963-7657/[email protected]