Please Remember and Thank You

To The Editor:

Thank you to those that have stopped by Save-a-Lot and donated to the food drive taking place.

This food will be divided to go towards two programs. The first is Catholic Charities in order to have enough food on hand to get them through some of the rough points this winter. The second organization that will get items is the Meals on Wheels program.

The drivers for the meals being delivered can come across someone that is on the last of any food in the house. They can then supply someone with just a couple of items to help them get though a rough time.

There are often cases when a person will share the food meant for them with a pet in the home and go hungry themselves.

I ask that you please remember to stop by and donate to the two causes.

People in this county should not ever go hungry.

Please feel free to shop for the cause at Save-a-Lot or bring in your donations, including pet food, to make the holiday season more manageable for others.

Thank you again for your caring and sharing.

James Karasek