Plenty of Reasons Why Teaching Kids to Hunt Is a Bad Idea

Dear Editor,
There are many reasons why it’s a bad idea to encourage kids to hurt and kill animals for fun (“Hunting, Fishing Education Has Place in Our Schools,” January 23).

Hunting has driven numerous species to extinction or endangered status.

The money generated by hunters’ license fees and other expenditures often benefits only the hunters themselves.

Wildlife departments spend money killing predators such as wolves, bears, and coyotes to ensure that they don’t eat the deer, elk, moose, and other animals that hunters want for targets and trophies.

According to the Outdoor Industry Foundation, in 2015, nearly 63 million Americans ages 6 to 24 participated in non-hunting outdoor activities such as running, bicycling, camping, and hiking.

People spending money on these hobbies contribute much more to the economy than the tiny fraction of people who gun down animals.

And the vast majority of Americans who don’t kill animals for entertainment would prefer not to be endangered by the few who do.

Since the number of people who hunt declines significantly with each generation, this deadly hobby is thankfully a dying one.


Michelle Kretzer
The PETA Foundation
501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510


  1. I would agree with this for the most part. Teaching kids that animals are part of the enviroment that we share with them would be more beneficial. Trips to a zoo or wildlife refuge would be a better activity. Hunting for “sport” should be outlawed. However, some exceptions do seem somewhat necesscary to protect people as well, as in the case of deer causing auto accidents. If the deer population warrents such action, a short hunting season may sometimes be necesscary. Fishing for any reason other than “to provide food” also seems somewhat cruel. Even Jesus didn’t object to that.

  2. I had no idea that teaching children to hunt just to kill was a hobby for people. Really, I know there are sick people that do trophy hunting and I think that should be outlawed. Is that to what you are referring?

    I think that anyone who hunts to feed themselves and there families should have every right to do so as long as that animal is not endangered. To kill just to kill is called a psychopath.

  3. 1 doe =2fawns yearly most years,now both are not does so say now 2 does have 2 each the following year. followed by4 does having 2 each,then 8×2, 16×2,so on .if kept on ,u couldnt drive down the road without dodging 1, plant a shrub in ur yard, or get insurance in NYS ,[biggest lobbiest for thinning the herd] WITHOUT ETHICAL HUNTERS

  4. Wow it is incredible how a fools mouth will always open and spew trash when nobody ever asked for their opinion. Hunting has been not only a been a necessity for us to be able to sustain life but it is also a long lived tradition passed down through generations .
    This tradition has for over 2000 years has not only fed us but brought families together to do something each generation could give to the next . Hunting has not only created friendships amongst strangers but it creates a family tie and a stronger foundation than any other sport in existence today .
    With the structure of our world being uncertain we should welcome this last tie to days gone by. I have hunted since I was 10 years old and have not once thought of it as some romantic blood sport as seen by this author.
    The children of today should if interested be steeped in our hunting tradition and taught the ethical ways of carrying out a proper dispatch as to where suffering by an animal is limited. I truly believe with all of my heart that hunting instead of being thought of as a savage act should be left to the people that want to do it as well as the ones that want to learn and all others should proceed with their likes and beliefs and leave each other alone.
    With this being my closing I will leave you with this. To the author I say this . In a time where humanity is killing each other this being men,women and children dying at the hands of each other and by the affliction of drug use in our not only country but our world hunting of animals which need to be kept in certain numbers is possibly the least of your worries.

  5. Why does everybody want to put a stop to everything people enjoy? Mind your own business. I would like know where this person get their information. There are laws to protect endangered animals. You can’t just go around shooting any old animal you want, and most people don’t. People hunt to keep excessive animal numbers down, and for food, not for the joy of killing something. I’m sure there are some (VERY FEW) people out there who do not follow laws, but no matter what group or activity you talk about, there are always some outliers who give the majority a bad name. And as far as the money and contributing to society is concerned, the money from hunting licenses go, at least in part, towards the state lands on which not only people can hunt, but people can perform those “far morally superior” activities you mention, such as hiking. And as the person above me alluded to, WE would likely be extinct were it not for people of days gone by doing the “evil” task of hunting. The biggest problem in this world is people not being able to leave others alone and mind their own business. And just because you’re all upset and up-in-arms about something, doesn’t mean you’re right.

  6. My next door neighbor shoots woodpeckers if they rat-a-tat-tat on his house. He feeds corn to the deer in winter and shoots squirrels for the hell of it, within 250 feet of my house.

  7. The last wolves were hunted out of NY in 1900. The Passenger Pigeon was once so numerous, their flocks could darken the sky. The California State flag has a grizzly bear on it and the Dodo bird is no more.

  8. I bet people will not be happy when they can’t get a double whopper at Burger King or a crispy chicken sandwich o but wait it’s OK to grow and slaughter animals for food but it’s not OK to enjoy shooting an animal and eating it. I would think it would be of more concern the people in Chicago constantly shooting each other. I see many young people make hunting a very important and life lasting hobby that they enjoy all in respect to the law and conservation of animals, keep the money where it belongs.

  9. A lot of us older people got out of hunting and fishing after n.y. state raise the prices up on license, so now i go to mcdonalds for a fish sandwich, and to big M for a steak its cheaper, again n.y. gov got to greedy, now their looking to kids to make up the diffence, good luck with that one como,

  10. This article is garbage. Likely written by someone who would walk past a veteran needing help. I have coyotes coming within 100 feet of my house. These animals at one time were scarce too. I have raccoons coming close to my house in the daytime. Which if you do not know. If you see a raccoon in the day, it is likely rabid. Again a threat to my family and well being. We have had hunting rights restricted and changed over the years. There is one third of the hunters we had 20 years ago. We will see a time where disease from the over abundance of animals will affect our population. And the PETA supporters will still think we should ban hunting. And blame it on something else. Over population of anything is not good. Coyotes are carrying away family pets here in the north. And I’m supposed to think this is ok? I’m supposed to let nature happen? Well when it happens to PETA family members, maybe they’ll want a hunter for a friend.

  11. What made someone from Virginia write a letter to the newspaper in Oswego, NY????
    It sure looks like it’s just political advertising…. and she’s using the shotgun approach!!

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