Police Charge Two in Mexico/Pulaski Area Alcohol Sales Sting

State Police say they sent a teenager into 9 retail outlets in Pulaski and Mexico Thursday to try to buy alcohol.

Seven of the outlets did what the law requires, police say, and prevented the sale. But police ticketed two people for selling alcohol to a minor.

Police report that Sheryl Park, 54 and Noreen Greco, 58, were charged with unlawfully dealing with a minor. Police allege Park sold alcohol to the undercover teenager at the Kwik Fill mini mart in Mexico and Greco at the Kinney Drug store in Mexico.

The seven outlets that police say followed the law are:

Pulaski Wine and Spirits of Port St., Pulaski;
Kinney Drugs of Route 13, Pulaski;
Sun Up Food Store of Route 13, Pulaski;
Tops Supermarket of Rome Rd., Pulaski;
Ezze Auto & Truck Stop of Route 104, Mexico;
Stewart’s of Main St., Mexico;
Fastrac Market of Main St., Mexico.


  1. Marty — It’s not against the law to use teens to buy alcohol. It’s only against the law for an adult to sell it to them.

    That said, you can debate whether it’s the moral thing to do.

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