Police: Fulton Man’s Throat Cut After Sex Set Up Through Craigslist

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A Fulton man is lucky to be alive after the man he met for anonymous sex slashed his throat and left him for dead, according to police.

Syracuse Police report that the 30 year old Fulton man placed an ad on the free classifieds website Craigslist looking for another man to meet him for sex.

They arranged to meet early Wednesday at a wooded area in the 300 block of Martin St. in Syracuse. The men had sex there.

As they walked out of the woods, according to police, the Fulton man was walking out of the woods, with his partner behind him, when the partner grabbed the man from behind and slashed his throat with some kind of knife.

The Fulton man, who was not named by police, told them that there had been no argument before the attack.

He said his attacker calmly walked away after cutting the man’s throat.

Police said the man had a huge cut but got into his car and drove to the emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He was then shipped to University Hospital for emergency surgery.

Police said the six inch-long cut appeared to have missed the major arteries and he is expected to survive.

He described his attacker as white and “Italian-looking”, according to police. He stands about 5′ 9″, is thin and has short black hair. He was wearing a blue baseball cap, blue jeans and a black jacket with the letters POW on the back.

Anyone with information can call the Syracuse Police Department at 315-442-5222. All calls are kept confidential.