Police Investigating Injuries To Toddler

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City Police Department is currently investigating a serious injury to a toddler.

At approximate 3:48 p.m. today Oswego police officers and rescue personnel from the Oswego City Fire Department were dispatched to 136 W. Cayuga St. regarding a serious injury to a toddler.

The exact cause of the injury is uncertain at this time, but upon initial investigation, it appears as though the toddler may have been struck by a passing vehicle which left the scene prior to the arrival of emergency personnel.

There is no available vehicle description at this time.

The toddler was flown to Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse.

Oswego Police are asking anyone who may have information regarding the incident to please call 343-1212.


  1. Hmmm….where were the parents of this toddler when this happened? I guess this explains the chopper I saw flying over nearby my house. Seems to me someone had to see what happened and if the parents didn’t, then where were they while their baby was in the road? Looks like a legitimate case for CPS to check out.

  2. Unfortunate as it truly is, this child is unlikely to survive due to the extent of his injuries.I know this family personally & this toddler slipped outside unoticed by his mother- when she went looking for him, she found his limp body. You maybe not have knowledge of the swiftness of the common toddler- these kinds of tragedies happen time & time again. This is the same result when a child slips into a backyard pool & drowns! The parents are left with the guilt that never leaves their hearts & a little one they will likely never see again! Please know that children of this age are very active & more times than not are faster than we are. THANK GOD this is not you in their shoes- it CAN happen to ANYONE.

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