Police Log: Fulton PD, Week of July 25, 2011

Michael J. Sanderson, Jr., 23, of 20 Airport Rd., Fulton was charged July 25 with harassment for allegedly calling a woman while he was at Burger King and allegedly threatening her with physical harm. He had been arrested moments before that on a bench warrant alleging failure to appear fror his pre-sentencing interview on charges of criminal possession of stolen property (two counts), welfare fraud, petit larceny and identity theft. He was also charged with resisting arrest for allegedly running away from the arresting officer.

Mary E. Taylor, 27, of 188 Oswego River Rd., Phoenix, was charged July 25 with an open container violation.

Christopher A. Burr, 24, of 90 Canal Rd., Phoenix was charged July 25 with an open container violation.

Wayne W. Manwaring, 44, of 316 Hannibal St., Oswego ws charged July 26 with DWI. Police allege he drank alcohol at his girlfriend’s home and drove while intoxicated to her workplace. Police allege he failed three of four field soriety tests and allege a later breath test showed a blood alcohol content above the legal limit.

Andrew M. Clark, 19, of 703 W. First St., Fulton was charged July 27 with aggravated unlicensed operator and no or inadequate lights. Police allege they stopped him at 1:57 a.m. because a headlight was out. A check of his license showed it had been suspended for failing to answer summonses in Fulton and Romulus.

George C. Knighton, Jr., 16, of 605 ONtario St., Fulton was arrested July 26 on a bench warrant alleging failure to abide by the terms of a pre-trial release.

Adam M. Hamilton, 20, of 16 W. Eleventh St., Fulton was arrested July 27 on a felony bench warrant from Oswego County Court.

Terri L. Tyler, 21, of 6 W. Fifth St. N., Fulton was charged July 28 with disorderly conduct for allegedly yelling derogatory language while on a porch on Academy St. at 3:00 a.m.

Breanna M. Shoults, 19, of 571 Harris Hill Rd., Hannibal was arrested July 28 on a warrant alleging failure to appear in the town of Sterling court.

Dennis L. Place, II, 27, of 322 Thompson Rd., Lot H-5, Oswego, was charged July 29 with speeding, unlicensed operator and aggravated unlicensed operator. Police allege he was going 42 miles an hour on W. First St. S. when he was stopped. Police allege his license had been revoked for two prior DWI convictions in the last four years.

Pamela M. Felt, 41, of 511 Academy St., Fulton was charged July 28 with petit larceny. Police allege she concealed, according to the police report, “two eight packs of Twix candy bars, valued at $1.00 each, one pack of six Snickers candy bars, valued at $1.00, one box of Pirouline dark chocolate rolled wafers, valued at $1.00, one can of Chicken of the Sea Chunk Lite Tuna, valued at $1.00, two Smarties Mega Lolly suckers, valued at $.50 each, one bag of Lifesavers Gummies, valued at $1.60 and one can of Jiff creamy peanut butter, valued at $2.65, in her purse and attempted to leave the store without paying. The items had a total value of $10.25.”

Jeremy J. Ross, 23, of 108 County Route 24, Minetto was charged July 29 with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and two counts of using drug paraphernalia. Police allege that on July 8 at a home on Buffalo St. in Fulton he had a digital scale and some plastic bags, along with some bags of a powder that turned out to be cocaine that police say had been packaged for sale.

Russell G. Bardin, Jr., 31, of 241 Cayuga St., Fulton was charged July 29 with petit larceny and criminally possessing a hypodermic needle. Police allege he stole $71.84 worth of steaks from Struppler’s supermarket.

Brandon S. Courbat, 21, of 675 S. Main St., Central Square was charged July 30 with two counts of DWI and crossing a road hazard marking. Police allege he crossed the fog line on W. First St. N. and struck the curb twice. Police allege he failed three field sobriety tests and had his blood alcohol level confirmed by a test at the police station.

Kristen M. Stowell, 27, of 120 Palmer Dr., North Syracuse was charged July 30 with petit larceny and marijuana possession. Police allege she tried to steal two cans of an alcoholic beverage from the Fastrac convenience store. Police allege they found a jar of marijuana in her purse during a search at the police station.

Jairo E. Sweeney, 29, of 132 S. Main St., Cortland ws charged July 30 with DWI, driving while ability imparied by drugs and alcohol, aggravated DWI and marijuana possession. Police stopped him for allegedly failing to signal a lane change. He allegedly failed all three field sobriety tests, and a later blood test found a blood alcohol level above 0.18%, police said.

Michael R. Scaringi, 29, of 522 Oneida St., Fulton was charged July 31 with petit larceny for allegedly eating a turkey club sandwich and a strawberry drink at the Byrne Dairy store and leaving without paying for the items.

Tracie A. Ormsby, 31, of 720 Ontario St., Fulton was charged July 31 with felony DWI, aggravated DWI, aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, failing to keep right and violating a conditional driver’s license. Police allege her license had been revoked in 2009 for a prior conviction of aggravated DWI. A blood test at the police station put her blood alcohol level above 0.18%, police alleged.