Police Make 3rd Arrest in Constantia Home Invasion

Kalvin W. Roe
Kalvin W. Roe

A Bernhards Bay man is in custody today, charged with being part of the team that invaded a Constantia apartment and robbed the people inside.

Kalvin W. Roe, 30, of 409 Whipple Rd., Bernhards Bay, was charged with burglary, robbery and criminal trespass.  He’s in jail on bail of $20,000 cash, $40,000 bond.

He was arrested earlier this week, when police came to arrest one of the other men charged in the case.  He was held on an unrelated arrest warrant.

Roe is accused, along with Jonathan Onn and David Martinez, with Tuesday’s robbery and burglary of an apartment at the Waterwheel Apartments in Constantia.

Police believe the apartment’s residents were targeted by the three men, but they haven’t said why.