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September 18, 2018

Police: Men Invaded Fulton Home, Took $3,000 in Property

Eric Gardner

Eric Gardner

Fulton Police say they arrested two men Wednesday for what they alleged was a home invasion.

Eric M. Gardner, 23, and Matthew M. Riehle, 21, both of Fulton are alleged to have gone into a home on Oneida St. unannounced.

There, police say, Gardner got into a physical confrontation with the person who lives in the home while Riehle took property from the bedroom.

Matthew Riehle

Matthew Riehle

The value of the property taken was estimated at $3,000, police said.

Police allege the two men ran off but were arrested not long afterwards.

Each was charged with four felonies: burglary, robbery, conspiracy and grand larceny.

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