Police Offer Update On Crosswalk Safety Initiative

OSWEGO, NY – On June 21, the Oswego City Police Department began a
“Crosswalk Safety Initiative” targeting vehicles that fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

A portion of the initiative involved specific crosswalk operations using a “designated pedestrian” to identify violators with officers staged to intercept and ticket the offenders.

Oswego Police designated the first day of the operation as a “Courtesy Warning and Education Day” to get the word out regarding the initiative and to encourage voluntary compliance with the New York State law.

On the first day, various locations throughout the city were selected and, in all, 57 warnings were given to motorists for observed violations.

In the days that followed, Oswego Police conducted various operations with the following results to date:

  • Tickets for Crosswalk Violations = 47
  • Tickets for Other Violations* = 12

*Other Violations included (But Not Limited To):

  • Suspended Registrations, Unlicensed Operators, Aggravated
  • Unlicensed Operators, Fail to Turn as Required, and Cell Phone Use.

According to Police Chief Michael J. Dehm, Jr., “Some of the ticketed violators have criticized our enforcement initiative. But we feel strongly that we are enforcing a very important New York State Law. It wasn’t long ago that people criticized the safety belt initiative ‘Buckle-Up New York,’ but now it has become common practice and compliance rates have improved dramatically. We hope to achieve the same results with our on-going crosswalk initiative.”