Police Officers On Duty

FULTON – Officer Billie Dwyer (portrayed by GRB Senior Alysa Rosenbarker – left) and Officer Eric Sheridan (played by GRB Senior Jeremy Herlowski) enjoy a donut as they watch a TV monitor that has been set up to capture their mayor for embezzling $16 million.

Unnecessary Farce
Unnecessary Farce opens tonight

The two incompetent cops have been placed in charge of a sting operation designed to take down the local politician and believe that nothing can go wrong.

Little do they know that chaos is about to ensue.

The scene is from the comic play Unnecessary Farce, which will be presented by Quirk’s Players of G. Ray Bodley High School today, Friday and Saturday.

Curtain time is set for 7:30 p.m. each performance.

Photo by Kelly LeVea