Police: Oswego Woman Arrested for DWI for 3rd Time This Year

Kathy S. Joseph
Kathy S. Joseph

State Police say they stopped a car for an alleged seat belt violation and wound up with a DWI arrest.

According to State Police, a Trooper pulled over a car that was heading west on Hannibal St. in Granby.  The Trooper alleged that the driver was not wearing a seat belt.

Not long after, the Trooper decided that the driver might be intoxicated.  She was arrested on a DWI charge.  Later, police say they discovered that the woman had given them a false name.  They added a count of criminal impersonation to the DWI and seat belt charges.

Her real name: Kathy S. Joseph, 50, of 2197 County Route 7, Oswego.

Police allege she’s been arrested three times in four months.  She was charged with DWI after a crash Feb. 25 on County Route 8 in Granby and was charged following a Mar. 26 accident on State Route 3 in Granby.

Joseph is due in Granby Town Court on June 20.

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  1. Lucky she didn’t freeze to death in the Granby accident – we found her 100 yards from her car lying in a snow bank one hour after we called in the car off the road.

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