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September 19, 2018

Police Searching For Stolen, Possibly Deadly, Medications

OSWEGO, NY – At about 11:59 a.m. today (May 14), Oswego City Police responded to the parking lot of Water Street at West Bridge Street where it was reported that sometime during the night someone had broken into a locked van and stole medication.

Morphine Sulfate

Morphine Sulfate

Some of the medication may be very dangerous, police said.

In an effort to protect the public, the Oswego City Police Department is issuing this bulletin to be on the look-out for some of the following medications that were stolen:

Morphine Sulfate  Extremely Dangerous Even in Small Doses)

The above medications may be very dangerous, or fatal, to the untrained person even in small doses.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or the location of one or more of these medications, please contact the Oswego City Police Department at: 315-343-1212.

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2 Responses “Police Searching For Stolen, Possibly Deadly, Medications”

  1. May 15, 2011 at 7:56 am

    What were all these meds doing in a van at water street I wonder? Why no explaination for that.

  2. May 17, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Yes i would like an explaination myself. This sounds very suspicious to me too. Why were they parked in the Water St. parking lot even at 11:59 a.m.or anytime parked there?

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