Police: Teens Drive Stolen Car Around Schroeppel, Jump Out and Run

Two Schroeppel teens are on the fast track to court after leading police on a car chase.

Here’s how the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department describes the July 28 incident:

  • An officer saw a car pull out of a driveway and onto Biddlecum Rd. and thought the vehicle appeared suspicious. He followed the vehicle and saw it run a stop sign at the Route 264 intersection.
  • The officer turned on his lights and tried to pull the vehicle over, but the vehicle did not pull over.
  • Instead, police followed the car as it drove on a variety of roads in the area, including County Routes 54, 12, 33, 4, 18, 57A and 57, as well as Godfrey, Stewart Corners, Winks, Bradshaw, Hare, Sutton and Peter Scott roads. The vehicle also drove on the county snowmobile trail that stretches between county routes 33 and 54.
  • Along County Route 57, the driver pulled the car into the oncoming lane, slowed down to 5 miles an hour and jumped out of the moving car and ran off. The passenger slid into the driver’s seat and made the same exit.
  • The passenger was caught at the bottom of a 10 foot embankment in a ditch along County Route 57. The driver turned himself in to police in Phoenix about an hour later.

Police have not released names for either suspect.

The 15 year old, who was the alleged driver, was charged as a juvenile. If he was an adult, the charges would constitute felony grand larceny and misdemeanor fleeing an officer and reckless driving. The passenger, 17 years old, was charged with misdemeanor counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, weapons possession (he allegedly had brass knuckles in his possession when he was arrested) and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police allege the car was stolen.