Police To Give Update On Homicide Investigation

State Police hold a news conference Friday morning to discuss developments in the investigation of the death of Erin Maxwell.

The 11 year old Palermo girl was found dead at her home last week.  Police call the death a homicide and put the focus of the investigation on Maxwell’s father, his wife and stepson.  They won’t say how they believe she died.  The initial call to 911 from the home was for a possible suicide by hanging.

No arrests have been made. Police have not identified a suspect, but say residents of the area need not wonder if an unknown killer is on the loose.

The family has been largely silent, but Maxwell’s father talked Wednesday to News10Now.

Lindsay Maxwell told News10Now that he was at Wal-Mart when Erin died and that stepson Alan Jones was the only one at the home at the time.  He said he has no idea what could have happened to his daughter.  “I think it was a horrible accident.  I can’t believe anyone I knew would hurt her,” he told News10Now.

Police said the conditions in the home were “deplorable”.  There were more than 200 animals in the house and on the property, including dozens of cats.  The cats were taken to a local animal shelter for possible adoptions.  The home has been condemned.