Police Undercover Teens Buy Alcohol in 4 Fulton Businesses; Refused in 13 Others

Last Friday, Fulton Police sent people under 21 years old into 17 Fulton businesses to try to buy alcohol.

The good news: 13 stores, liquor stores and bars said no.

The bad news: 4 said yes.

Police ticketed four people for allegedly selling alcohol to their undercover agents:

  • Aaron M. Conn, 26, of 1938 Co. Rt. 6, Fulton, at Bob’s Liquors;
  • Eric J. Smith, 34, of 1646 Co. Rt. 6, Fulton, at Fran’s;
  • Teresa M. Sadowski, 20, of 101 S. Fourth St., Fulton, at Fastrac;
  • Jessica L. Crofoot, 21, of 258 E. Ninth St., Oswego, at Lakeview Lanes.

Each was charged with violating the state’s Alcohol Beverage and Control law prohibiting the sale of alcohol to a minor.  The charge is a violation.  Each was given a ticket and released.  They are due in court on April 22.

The Fulton Police Department recognized the 13 businesses that refused to sell liquor to the underage agents. They are:

Cayuga St. Fine Foods, Norm’s Mini Mart, Rite Aid (S. Second St), Nice-n-Easy (S. Fourth St.), Rt 481 Liquors, Byrne Dairy, Muskie’s, Crazy Gator, Wilson Farms, Chaser’s, Dead End Tavern, Gorman’s, Red Brick Pub.