Poll and Open Comment Thread: Who Will You Vote For In The Race For Congress?

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Your choices:

Bill Owens, a moderately conservative Democrat from Plattsburgh;

Doug Hoffman, a very conservative Republicans running only on the Conservative Party line, from Lake Placid;

Dede Scozzafava, a moderate Republican from Gouverneur who quit the race on Saturday, threw her support to Owens, but will be on the ballot Tuesday.

You can also write in a name.

Take our poll, then tell us what you’re thinking in the comments below. All we ever ask is that you avoid name-calling, especially if you disagree with what someone else has written.  Disagree without being disagreeable.

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  1. Let’s face it folks, New York is failing quickly. Keep voting for the liberals and insure that New York will be the home of retirees and welfare recipients. Your vote can hasten the migration southward. We are on a very destructive path and it ought to make anyone who loves New York (as I do) quite sad.

  2. I was disgusted to come out of church yesterday and find Hoffman literature all over the cars as far as I’m concerned they violated a sacred place.
    He doesn’t even live in our district so how could he care for it. I will not vote for Hoffman.

  3. [Comment removed here. All we asked is “no personal attacks”. This comment broke that rule. The comment would have been deleted unseen had I been the one to find it first. Because it was published, we owe everyone an explanation for deleting it.

    To the commenter Martha, who was the target of the comment, our apologies.

    -Dave Bullard/Managing Editor]

  4. VERY low turn-out at the college this morning. It was nearly 10am and I was only the 3rd voter for the day – that may be a good sign for Hoffman. Then again, we’re talking college students … the morning may not be their top choice.

  5. so who in your organization has the absolute gaul to lump us retirees with welfare people. retirees worked their lives to get what little bit that we get, thats more than i can say for some people who milk the system and are allowed to get away with it. this by no means includes aal the people on welfare, people who have someone living with them, usually a boy friend woh takes food from food stamps that the family gets or uses something that they get from the tax payers, and are not found out about .

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