Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Could Major’s Eye Problem Been Avoided?

Dear Porky and Buddy,
I read about Major earlier this week, the poor little kitten who may lose his eye because of an infection. I didn’t know that could even happen. What caused it? Could it have been prevented? Will he be alright if he does lose his eye?

Dear Jennifer
Thank you for asking.

We can’t go into excruciating detail when we write an adoption description, but that background information would be important to a potential adopter and we are glad to share it.

When Major came into the Humane Society’s foster system he already had a severe eye infection which was probably a complication of an upper respiratory infection.

In all likelihood it was passed on from his mother. As far as we know he had received no veterinary care or vaccinations until we took him in.

That is all too common with cats rescued by the Humane Society. These situations can be prevented or at least become much less serious with regular vet care and recommended vaccinations, but of course then he would not have needed rescue!

The infection was found to be caused by the feline herpes virus (similar to the human herpes virus, but not a threat to humans).

Without prompt treatment, the herpes virus can cause  ulceration of the cornea and that is what happened with Major.

Usually, with medication the ulceration will heal but the resulting scarring may cause limited vision  and sometime total blindness in that eye. If the eye is severely damaged, surgical removal of the eye may be necessary to prevent Major from suffering constant pain and chronic infection.

If his eye has to be removed he will be fine.  He has one perfectly good eye and cats, like dogs, can’t count.

He will, however, always have the herpes virus in his system (as humans do with the herpes cold sore virus) and there is a small risk of further outbreaks, especially if his immune system is compromised by too much stress.

By then we hope that he will be safely in the home of some wonderful person who knows the importance of prompt vet care when he has any symptoms of an upper respiratory or eye infection, and there will be no stress in his life whatsoever.

Are you that person?

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