Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Grandmother Wants Her Cats With Her

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
My grandmother, who is 96, has to go into an assisted living care facility in the near future as she can’t take care of herself adequately at home any more.

She is fighting us on this. Not because she really thinks she can live on her own, but because she won’t leave her cats, Mindy and Mork.

I know they are important to her; they have been her main companions for more than 10 years.

I have offered that they can come with me so they won’t have to go to a shelter or anything like that.

But she is adamant that she won’t leave them.

How can I persuade her to be more reasonable?


Dear Mark,
How old are you anyway?

In your 40s maybe?

In other words, a pipsqueak.

Who are you to tell your 96-year-old grandmother that she is being unreasonable?

She is not!

She loves Mork and Mindy.

She wants them with her.

And she is right.

There is more and more research every year that shows that having a pet is good for people – and that includes the elderly.

So, your job is not to try to persuade your grandma to be reasonable but to find a place for her that will meet all of her needs, including her need to have Mork and Mindy with her.

According to a survey of all residential care facilities done by the CDC in 2010, (that would include assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities such as nursing homes) fifty-four percent allowed residents to bring their pets with them.

There were sometimes restrictions on the numbers allowed, or the weight, size, age, or breed so each facility can be different.

So “pet-friendly” can mean different things in different places, and you have to check.

That survey was eight years ago and the situation continues to improve.

A quick way to find out what facilities in your area have pet friendly policies is to check one of the many the websites that offer listings and advice.

Two that we like are www.seniorliving.org and www.aplaceformom.com.

There is no fee to you for these services.

So, Mark, have a conversation with your grandma.

Offer to get on the phone with her to help her explain her situation and needs and then go with her to visit potential facilities where pets are welcome.

Your grandmother will be happier and so will Mork and Mindy!

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