Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Help! My Friend’s Puppy Eats Everything

Dear Porky and Buddy,
A friend of mine just adopted a new puppy, Otto. He is really cute at 10 weeks old, but she is finding that he tries to eat EVERYTHING. That is no exaggeration. So far some socks, a dental retainer, some foil, a plastic toy and a light bulb. No kidding, a light bulb. She calls me every time it happens, frantic, and I am getting to be a nervous wreck over this puppy and he is not even mine. What can I tell her?


Dear Lynn,
OK, a couple of questions/observations. We are assuming that she has “puppy proofed”  her house as much as possible, in much the same way that you baby proof a house. That means baby proof locks on lower cabinet doors where there are things like trash, household chemicals, light bulbs etc., and vigilant attention to removing potential hazards from his reach. Also lots of acceptable chewies for him to munch on all the time.

But that said, and we could go on and on about it, we know that stuff happens, no matter how careful you are.

So has she talked to her vet for recommendations about what to do if the inevitable happens?

Vets often suggest that when you know your puppy  (or your grown dog – it’s a common problem) has ingested something weird you feed him something that will coat his tummy and the sharp object and let it pass through. Frequent suggestions are bread soaked in milk or broth or Vaseline.

Trust us, a dog that will eat light bulbs will also eat Vaseline!  But she should follow her own vet’s advice.

What she should not do is try to make Otto vomit something back up – that has more potential for physical damage than just letting it pass through.

And then she has to watch him carefully for any signs of illness or, especially, blood in his stool, and get him right to his vet if she suspects there is a problem.

We wish her many years of happiness with Otto.  Socks are easily replaced.

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