Porky and Buddy Pet Health – How Do You Give A Cat A Pill?

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
My cat, Amanda, has an infection and the vet prescribed antibiotics for her in tablet form. I know it is important to give them to her, but what was she thinking? Right now Amanda is hiding under the couch and my arm is all scratched up and the pill flew off somewhere that I can’t find it. Help!

Dear Don,

There is a hilarious internet joke that goes around where the humans end up in the emergency room with their house wrecked and the cat has still not had her pill.

Or at least we think it’s hilarious.

You might not.

We do appreciate how difficult it can be to give a pill to some cats.

In fact, some cats get so upset by the pilling process that they start avoiding their humans altogether. You don’t want that to happen.

So, first of all buck up.

She needs the antibiotic.

Go find the pill and call your vet and explain the problem.

She can give you specific instructions about how to do it that will be safe (or at least safer) for both you and Amanda.

It might take two people; it might involve wrapping Amanda in a towel and even that might not work.

But don’t give up.

Did you get a little device called a pill popper from your vet?

Veterinarians use them frequently and they can be very helpful because your hands are not so close to teeth and claws.

Maybe there is a liquid form of the antibiotic.

Sometimes liquids are easier than tablets.

If there is no liquid form of the actual medicine available and the pill popper doesn’t help, ask your vet if it would make sense to find a pharmacist who will compound the medicine for you.

After the medicine is made into a powder or a liquid, you can put it into a strong-tasting and strong-smelling liquid that Amanda likes, like tuna oil.

If she won’t eat the mixture, use less medicine at first and gradually add more as she accepts it.

To avoid, or at least lessen, this problem in the future, there are specific instructions on the ASPCA.org website for how to teach your cat to accept medicine.

They are too long for this column but if you just go to the pet care section of the website and search for “pills” you will find them.

They look like fun!

Good luck.

We hope Amanda gets better soon.

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