Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Litter Box Behavior Changes

Dear Readers,
We had an interesting conversation yesterday with another animal lover who told us about her middle aged cat, Annabelle, who “suddenly last summer” stopped using her litter box.

The box was and always had been located in their finished basement in the exact same location and there had been no sudden changes in the household.

The family tried all the usual things, a trip to the vet to check for any health problems, vigilant cleaning of the litter box, experimenting with new less perfumed litter.

Nothing worked and it had been two excruciating months.

So they sat down and thought hard – What had changed in the basement about two months earlier?

And, suddenly they remembered that they had turned the dehumidifier on for the summer at right around the same time that the problem started.

It was located close to the litter box and made a low but noticeable hum.

It had been there in prior years too, so they had not really thought about it.

But they decided to try just moving the box so that Annabelle did not have to go past the dehumidifier.


Problem solved!

The point being that this issue can be very difficult for cat owners and not always easily solved.

But sudden changes in litter box behavior seem to be frequently related to stress and the things that can cause a cat stress can be very subtle.

For a good article on how to deal with this problem, go to the Best Friends Animal Society website at

We hope you never have to deal with this problem, but we were cheered by this story of creative problem solving by one dedicated family and thought we should pass it on.

Speaking of dedication, Maureen Caprin, a passionate animal lover who passed away last year, will be honored at a benefit for the Oswego County Humane Society sponsored by the many “Friends of Mo Caprin.”

The benefit will include a poker run with an estimated 50 bikers.

There will be a band and DJ, a chicken barbecue, hot dogs and hamburgers, a Chinese raffle, a large item raffle, the sale of T-shirts and a 50/50 raffle.

The date is June 15 at the Fulton Elks and the on-site activities begin at 1 p.m.

The poker run starts at 11 a.m.

We hope to see you there.

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