Porky and Buddy Pet Health – My Dog Wants Nothing To Do With A Doghouse

Dear Porky and Buddy,
You recently wrote about Section 353-b of the Agriculture and Markets Law which basically requires that all dogs left outdoors have to be provided with a dog house.

I am writing to say that I personally think that law is ridiculous. I have a purebred Siberian Husky, Scarlet.

She is three years old and I am here to tell you that SHE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH A DOGHOUSE!

She loves cold weather, the colder the better, and never ever wants to come in the house, much less a stupid doghouse.

Am I really breaking the law by not having one for her?

Dear Ken,
In a word yes. Quit complaining and go out and get Scarlet a doghouse, or better yet, install an electronic door in your house so she can come in any time she wants. You might be surprised what good company she is, as Huskies are notorious for adoring their humans and really should not be left alone by themselves for long periods anyway.

The bottom line is this.

We love the New York dog shelter law. Maybe you, with your la di da expensive pedigreed dog, don’t  think it’s necessary, but we hear of dogs that have simply frozen to death, alone on a chain  with no food or water, in a blizzard. And in the summer they die of heat stroke or dehydration.

That should not happen to dogs!

The shelter law has very specific requirements and it is easy to enforce (much easier than the anti-cruelty laws, which are very vague).

It has saved a lot of dogs from a miserable life outdoors.

Furthermore, it specifically requires owners to provide shelter for their dogs that is appropriate to their breed, physical condition and the climate.

It does not require you to force Scarlet to go in the doghouse, just that you have it available for her.

You love your dog, we assume. It’s not too much to ask and in a very severe storm it could save her life.

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