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Dear Readers,
We’ve talked about this last fall and in prior years. But, we still get questions about dogs left out in the cold. So it never hurts to repeat ourselves.


And it never hurts to repeat ourselves – so we want to remind dog owners and dog lovers of the New York statute about shelter for dogs.

The name of the statute is Agriculture & Markets Law Section 353B.

It mandates that dogs left outside in inclement weather, (which includes not only cold but also heat, rain, ice and wind), have a minimum standard of housing.

The law takes into account the breed and condition of the dog.

Obviously, the shelter requirements for a Huskie are different than those for a Chihuahua, but even a Huskie must have some shelter.

It provides humane and practical standards for the shelter, also taking into account what dogs actually need for their health, safety, and comfort.

It must be waterproof, sufficiently insulated to account for the weather and the needs of the breed using the house.

It must be big enough for the dog to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably.

It must be able to be cleaned and kept clean enough to prevent health hazards.

Shade must also be provided when the dog is in direct sunlight.

An owner can be fined for not providing an adequate shelter and the dog can be seized.

The dog will only be returned once an adequate shelter is in place.

The fine is usually reduced by the amount an owner spends to correct the problem, for example, the cost of a dog house.

If you know of a situation where you suspect that a dog does not have adequate shelter you should call your local dog control officer to look into it.

You can find the name and contact information for your dog control officer by just calling your town or city clerk.

But really, it is always better to bring dogs in for the cold weather.

It’s safer for them and they enjoy your company.

You are, after all, the leader of the pack and they want to be with you, not outside all alone in a dog house, no matter how comfortable.

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