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Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
I am “friends” on Facebook with a guy who talks all the time about his dogs. I say “friends” in quotes because I don’t really know him or even where he lives, but somewhere around here I think.

Anyway, he has started to talk about his dogs in a way that makes me worried that there might be some animal cruelty or at least neglect going on.

What I mean is that he admits that one of his dogs got Lyme disease (he thinks) but has never taken her to a vet. And he says weird things about alpha dogs that make me think the he doesn’t really understand that concept but is using it to encourage his dogs to fight with each other.

I don’t mean or suspect illegal dog fighting, just that he seems to think it’s OK to encourage that behavior.

I know this is sort of vague, but a lot of Facebook is like that, and I am wondering whether there is someone I can call to check it out.


Dear Ann,
Isn’t it astonishing what people will post on Facebook?

This is a family-oriented column so we won’t go into details, but still . . .

Now we have a guy describing in detail what may well be animal neglect and, depending on the details, outright cruelty.

What to do?

First, take and save a screen shot of this post and any related posts, so you have the record even if it is taken down.

Then, ordinarily, we would suggest that you start by calling the local dog control officer for the town where he is living.

They don’t have law enforcement authority, but they do have the right to perform a check on dogs if the owner consents and they can call the police if they see evidence of cruelty.

Or the city animal control officer if he is in a city.

ACOs do have law enforcement authority and can be even more proactive.

But in your case, since you don’t have an address, your only recourse will be to call 911.

Explain to the dispatcher that it is not an emergency but you need to report suspected animal cruelty.

He or she will get you connected to the right person.

In our experience, law enforcement agencies take animal cruelty seriously, even though it is notoriously difficult to prosecute, and they have the investigatory tools to try to find this person, whoever he is, and at least talk to him to check out what is going on.

Thank you so much for paying attention to this and reaching out for help.

If someone can find him, his dogs will never know your name, but they will always be grateful.

We guarantee it.

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