Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Should You Take Your Dog To Work?

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
I just took a new job where I can take my dog, Tootsie, to work with me.  I am so excited, but also just a tiny bit nervous. Tootsie is a great dog, about 7 months old and full of energy. Do you think this is a good idea for her? I hate leaving her home alone, but what if she doesn’t do well in an office environment? What advice do you have?

Dear Ben.
We love this idea, but whoa!

Let’s back up a little and do a little checklist.

Does your new employer have some written policies in place about bringing a dog to work and have you reviewed them to make sure you can comply?  Check.

Is Tootsie reliably house trained?  Check.

Is she reasonably well manners trained so that she knows sit, stay, come and actually obeys those commands?  Check.

Is she up to date on her vaccinations and in good health? Check.

Assuming she passes all of those preliminary tests, your next job is to make sure that your office work space will accommodate her.

When you say she is full of energy, does that mean, in spite of her training, she is going to be running around the office barking and jumping on things and people?

Or do you have an enclosed office where she will only be jumping on you?

You need to think this through carefully. Can you dog-proof your work space to make it safer for Tootsie and more accommodating?

Just the way you have, we hope, dog-proofed your house, taping up or securing wires and electric cords, putting small and tempting chewables up and out of the way?

Same with plants, lamps etc.?

Do you have a dog proof carpet, or can you lay one down where she will be?

Not just the physical space, but also the work “culture,” for lack of a better word.  Does the fact that dogs are allowed really mean that they are welcome by everyone?

What if your office mate is allergic to or simply afraid of dogs?  Are there other dogs there too and how well does Tootsie interact with strange dogs?

Is it bedlam at the office because of the dogs?

Assuming you can make all those accommodations, and that in your assessment she would truly be welcome, then when you try her out at work make sure you bring what she will need for a comfortable and fun stay.

Her food, her toys, her treats, her bowls, her beds, a small enclosure for when you have to leave your work space, and lots and lots of paper towels.

Just like home.

We hope this all works out for you.

But, dogs in the work place are a relatively new phenomenon.

So it is important to do it well so that more dogs can come to love that 9 to 5 routine as much as their owners!

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