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Dear readers,
We received an email the other day that we thought you might be interested in.

The ASPCA is conducting a campaign to persuade more members of the US House of Representatives to join the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus. This caucus is a bipartisan group of U.S. representatives who are interested in promoting and advancing commonsense, humane animal welfare laws.

A caucus is not a committee.

Legislators don’t have to join any caucus; they do so because they want to.

The ASPCA hopes to increase awareness of and membership in the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, which we all think will help speed the passage of animal-friendly federal legislation.

There are currently more than 115 representatives in the Caucus, and that’s impressive.

Of course, that also means that there are nearly 300 members of the House who are not involved with the Caucus.

We assume and hope  that many of them are animal lovers—likely with pets of their own—who would join if asked.

Our local representatives, Mr. Katko and Mr. Hanna, are not yet members.

Let’s ask them.

You can find the online campaign at the ASPCA website by going to the fight cruelty advocacy center.

The link is www.aspca.org/fight-cruelty/advocacy-center/

Thanks for your help with this.

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