Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Time for New Years Resolutions

Dear Readers,
It’s that time of year and we thought would make some New Years Resolutions.

Here they are:

This year we will obey your commands, or suggestions, as the case may be.  Of course it would help if we could figure out what they are. When one of you says “sit,” and someone else says “down,” and then someone says “stop that,” it takes us a while to figure out that you all mean the same thing.

This year, we will not counter surf unless you specifically put something on the counter for us. Of course, we have no idea what the difference is between cat food or a dog treat and a Christmas cookie, so it would help if you would simply not put anything on the counter that you don’t want us to eat and then nonchalantly walk away as though you had left it there for us. Honestly, we can’t tell the difference and food is food.

This year we will not come barging into the house with muddy wet feet ten times per day. Of course, we have to go out at least a few times per day and it would be a lot nicer if you would just go out with us and then we would all have to wipe our feet together and it would be fun and not a chore.

This year we will not act like big babies when we have to go to the vet. Even though we have no clue what you are talking about when you say, “Don’t worry she’s going to make you feel all better.” Of course it would help if you would bring treats along when we go.  We fully understand that treats do make us feel better.

And speaking of treats (and also counter-surfing, see resolution #2) this year we will all lose weight. That means you, too. Of course, that is easier if there are lots of walks (see resolution #3).

This year we will not get on the bed or any other furniture (unless you specifically say it’s OK). It is a total mystery to us why you would not want us to snuggle up with you for naps, but we can accept that. Of course, we will need lots of comfy beds and chairs and pillows of our own. And don’t expect us to be able to tell the difference between one people chair that is OK and another one that is not. We are not rocket scientists and a comfy spot is a comfy spot.

And finally, this year we will love you unconditionally, even if you fail to fulfill all the conditions that make our other resolutions feasible (as described above). Because that is what we do. We are good for you.

Happy New Year!

Speaking of Happy New Year, how about making yours happy by adopting a new pet?

You can find a brand new friend and start the year out right by going to www.oswegohumane.org to see all of our pets for adoption.

The Oswego County Humane Society provides spay/neuter assistance, information and referral, adoption assistance to pet owners, humane education programs, foster care and adoption for pets in urgent need, assistance with lost and found pets to animal lovers across Oswego County.

Our administrative offices and spay/neuter clinic are located at 265 W. First St., Oswego, NY.

Check our web site at www.oswegohumane.org or call (315) 207-1070 for more information or to be placed on our mailing list for our newsletter.

Because People and Pets Are Good for Each Other.