Porky and Buddy Pet Health – What to Feed Older Cats

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
I was on the internet a couple of weeks ago looking for advice about what to feed my cat Leo, who is sort of old and doesn’t have much appetite.

I ran across one site that recommended a little bit of onion powder sprinkled in his food and a number of people had commented that it worked for their cats.

So I tried it, and it did seem to perk up Leo’s appetite a bit.

But when I mentioned it to my vet she seemed sort of upset with me and told me that onions are toxic to cats and that I should not be trusting everything I read on the internet.

How would I know that?

Are there any sites that you can trust?


Dear Sam,
Where to begin exactly?

First, why would you go to the internet for advice that obviously should come from your own vet?

Who has gone through at least eight years of post-secondary education (and frequently more) to learn about things like cat nutrition and the problems of aging cats . . . Even if she is really (and rightfully) annoyed at you right now, she is still your best source of advice for Leo.

Oh, right, you didn’t want to pay for a vet visit when you could find what you need for free by just turning on your computer.

We are going to face reality in this column because we know you will do it again.

Here is what to look for if you want credible veterinary information apart from your own vet: it’s really simple, just go to the website of a veterinary college which has information for pet owners.

Tufts University has one at www.tufts.edu. Cornell University has one at www2.vet.cornell.edu. We like those two, but we are sure there are others.

Whatever site you were on looking for advice about Leo, the information provided was actually dangerous.

Don’t go there again, and don’t get your advice from other internet fools.


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