Porky and Buddy Pet Health – When Did Cat Vaccines Get So Complicated?

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
I just got back from my vet with my cat, Charlie, and I am totally confused.

I thought that every cat always got the same vaccines on the same schedule.

She said it was not so simple – there are four “core” vaccines (FPV, Rabies, FHV and FCV) that almost all cats should have, with a few very rare exceptions.

But, there are six more that they can have depending on their “lifestyle.”

Then she asked me a lot of questions about my cat, whether Charlie is indoors or out, whether I ever board him or travel with him.

I ended up just having the core vaccines, I guess because he’s an indoor cat and never travels or gets boarded, but when did it get so complicated?

And are there potential side effects to these vaccinations that she isn’t telling me about?

Should I go on the internet and try to figure out for myself whether she is right about the vaccinations she gave?

Dear John,
Should you trust what your veterinarian, with her eight years of specialized education, recommends, or should you reach out to the internet and a cacophony of babbling fools?

What do you think?

And why not just ask her about potential side effects if she hasn’t already mentioned that?

Seriously John, pet vaccinations have indeed become more complicated over the years as more have become available and more research has been conducted about what is necessary and safe.

And recommendations about what should be given and how often do change periodically.

That is not a reason to be all upset.

It is a good thing.

Trust you vet. Her goal is to protect your Charlie from common life-threatening diseases and from any unnecessary side effects of vaccinations.

It’s a balancing act, based on up to date research, but we have to tell you that the scales are tipped heavily toward those core vaccinations.

Ask her for some written material that explains all of this in more detail or for her recommendation about a veterinary school website that provides reliable information.

Yes, that is technically the internet, but with credentials.

And thanks for taking such good care of Charlie.

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