Porky and Buddy Pet Health – Why Does My Cat Bring Me ‘Gifts’?

Porky and Buddy

Dear Porky and Buddy,
My cat Sweet Pea was rescued many years ago from life in a dumpster and she has always preferred to spend most of her time outside, only coming in to eat or when it is really really cold.

My only problem with her is that almost every morning she leaves “parts,” guts really, of whatever rodent she has snacked on during then night on my front porch, on the rug, right where I  normally step down first thing.

Why does she do this? It is so gross.


Dear Joe,
Think of it as Sweet Pea’s effort to take care of you, or possibly to teach you to hunt as skillfully as she does.

Cats are natural-born predators.

Their claws and teeth make them well adapted to this carnivorous lifestyle.

Even though she doesn’t need to, she has a strong instinct to hunt and bring it back to her den, otherwise known as your porch, to finish her meal and share it with you.

Spayed female cats like Sweet Pea are the most likely to engage in this behavior.

Experts believe that because fixed females have no young to teach, they try to fulfill their duty as caretaker and teacher by focusing their efforts on their human underlings.

Sweet Pea is showing that she cares about you as her family.

So it is important not to try to punish her for this perfectly normal behavior.

It’s also useless.

There is no way to prevent her from bringing home these gifts.

Even indoor cats will find mice or insect to bring to their owners.

It’s hardwired.

Your only recourse is to learn to step down very very carefully in the morning.

And thank her properly.

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