Port City Police Apprehend Suspects In Gas Station Robbery

City police are investigating a robbery that took place Wednesday night at the Valero gas station on East First Street.
City police are investigating a robbery that took place Wednesday night at the Valero gas station on East First Street.

OSWEGO, NY – City police are investigating a robbery that occurred earlier this evening at The Pit Stop Convenience Store (Valero gas station) at 181 E. First St.

Officers responded to a report of a robbery at the business at 7:47 p.m.

Upon arrival, and initial investigation, it was determined a robbery did in fact occur.

An undisclosed amount of money was forcibly stolen at knife point.

“Right now, we are interviewing several witnesses,” Capt. Tory DeCaire said Wednesday night. There were no injuries.”

Carlos A. Ortiz-Torres
Carlos A. Ortiz-Torres

At approximately 8:39 p.m., two suspects were apprehended.

Joxuan Rivera Retamar
Joxuan Rivera Retamar

Carlos A. Ortiz-Torres, 29, of 91 E. Seventh St., Oswego, was charged with first-degree robbery (Class B felony), and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon (Class A misdemeanor).

Joxuan Rivera Retamar, 17, of 155 E. Third St. Apt 5, Oswego, was charged with first-degree robbery (Class B felony).

Both subjects are being held in the Oswego City Police lockup awaiting arraignment.


  1. Just out of curiosity…Who makes the decision on which stories can recieve comments and which are closed? When hispanic suspects are apprehended for a robbery or a man is accused of murdering a child, we can comment, but when City Councilmen like Ken Myers or other “connected” individuals are suspected of illegal activities “comments are closed”. Double standard! Who is the communist at Oswego County Today.com that makes these decisions? The very people that we count on to promote free speech and press are the same that stifle it. I would be shocked if this response makes the public eye. Clean it up and support our constitution! Coincidentally, did the local Barney Fife’s ever consider that this might be connected to the Byrne Dairy robbery in Fulton last week or were the Fulton cops too busy arresting people for swearing (see arrest logs) Apparently everything else is good in Fulton. No real crime. Real criminals intimidate these yahoos so they spend their time arresting hardworking people blowing off some steam for open container outside of bars or for wagering a couple of their hard earned dollars on a Race or Superbowl board (Fran’s Riverfront). Protect those that pay your salaries, don’t harass them!

    [Greg: Thanks for your question. In general, our policy is to leave comments closed on stories about crime (regardless of who’s arrested). The open comments on this story are an error.

    The comments tend to presume the arrested person is guilty, a great many of those comments are just plain nasty and nearly all of them are anonymous. (You, friend, are one of the very few exceptions — you sign your posts, and I appreciate that.) And “nasty” violates our main rule — be respectful. I’ve said before that we look at comments as a kind of conversation. I measure comments by this: Would I want that conversation going on in my living room? There’s a lot of discussion in our business about commenting on stories — whether they add anything (I think they do), whether they should be moderated or a free-for-all, whether people should have to post under their own names (meaning, register under their own names) in order to comment, whether over-the-line commenters should be banned, etc.

    I’m beginning to come down on the side of forcing everyone who wants to comment to register under their own name and post under their own name.

    You say that this is some kind of Constitutional free speech issue. No, it’s not. You are free to speak your mind on this or any issue, anywhere you like. You can, for instance, set up your own blog where you can call us Communists and complain about the police to your heart’s content. But there is no legal right to comment on a story on a website. It is a privilege, like driving, and we limit that privilege in order to keep the discussion civil. If there’s a better way to do it, we’re open to it.

    -Dave Bullard/Managing Editor, apparent Communist ;) ]

  2. I appreciate the time that you took to post a response. You may now return to your reading of the Communist Manifesto :0)

    [LOL! – Fidel Bullard]

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