Port City Resident A Finalist for Miss New York Teen USA

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego’s Brandy Ermini is a finalist for Miss New York Teen USA.

Brandy Ermini
Brandy Ermini

She is seeking sponsorships of $1,500, not including the dresses, the swimsuit, the shoes, the hotel fees of $139 per night and the registration fee of $295 (not to mention travel expenses), she said.

They have managed to raise $800 themselves.

Surfing the web one afternoon, Brandy came across an ad for girls to try out for the Miss New York and Miss Teen USA Pageant.

“On a whim, I sent in a photo of myself (taken from her Iphone). I never thought any more about it,” she said.

Several days had passed and after school one afternoon she was checking her emails and got the surprise of her life.

There was a letter from pageant officials saying they would like to talk with her.

“I was so excited I couldn’t hardly tell my parents. It all just seemed like a dream,” Brandy said.

After a phone interview and a brief meeting, she was informed that she would be a contestant in the Miss New York Teen Pageant.

The world of competing in beauty pageants is all to new for Brandy.

“It still didn’t really hit home until I received my state pageant forms and acceptance package. I just screamed really loud over and over again,” she told Oswego County Today.

According to the pageant letter for sponsors, “Miss Brandy Ermini is now a member of a select group! She has been chosen from many qualified applicants throughout the state and has become an official state finalist in the 2014 Miss New York Teen USA Pageant. This is the first step on a journey that may lead her to the national Miss Teen USA Pageant.”

She recently received a letter from pageant officials.

Brandy will hold the title of “Oswego” for the televised pageant.

She was born and raised in Oswego, the daughter of John and Rowena. Brandy attends Oswego High School and is a honor and high honor student.

After school, she is active in community service with the middle school by tutoring and assisting teachers with grading student papers.

“Brandy has always been very outgoing. Always willing to help people in anyway she can,” her dad said. “I’m very proud of my daughter.”

Helping people is what Brandy really wants to do.

After graduating high school, she wants to pursue a career in law enforcement.

“I want to give back to my community, to help and protect those that are in it”, she explained.

Brandy’s platform for the pageant will be on bullying.

“Bullying is something I have seen first-hand, and it troubles me on how much I have personally witnessed it. I’m very excited to voice my concerns and do what I can to help stop this very needless and senseless act,” she said.

Brandy Ermini caroling during the recent Late Night Shopping event in Oswego. Photo provided by Beth Clark
Brandy Ermini caroling during the recent Late Night Shopping event in Oswego. Photo provided by Beth Clark

“I have always believed that if you have a dream, then go for it. Don’t let anyone or a lack of self-esteem stand in your way,” she continued. “You can still make your dreams come true! I just love the pageant’s motto: “Be part of a beautiful dream…Where beautiful dreams come true.’ This pageant has already helped me improve my self confidence and gave me the opportunity to go out and interact with the community.”

Brandy’s parents have also seen how the pageant has brought Brandy and her sister, Sierra, even closer together for support.

“I almost cried when I saw both my daughters go out in a snowstorm walking door to door to sell raffle tickets to help raise the money needed for Brandy’s pageant.” said Brandy’s mom.

” If anyone is worthy of this event, it’s my sister. And, I will do anything to help her!” Sierra said.

Brandy’s expenses total several thousand dollars to compete in this pageant and scholarship program.

She and her sister have been selling raffle tickets to win a donated ruby necklace along with help from several local business already on board.

If you’re an individual or a business wanting to sponsor Brandy in her participation in the pageant, you can email her at [email protected] or go to her website www.brandyscrown.com

Brandy will contact interested sponsors on how they can assist her.

There’s still time to get your chance at the ruby pendant while helping support Brandy.

Please visit www.reignstormproductions.com for more information. A winner will be picked Dec. 23.

“Thank you to everybody that has been supporting me!” Brandy said.