Port City To Apply For More Grant Funds

OSWEGO, NY – The city is seeking funding to address housing revitalization, promote home ownership and other issues.

At this week’s council meeting, the Community Development Office was authorized to prepare and Mayor Tom Gillen was directed to sign all documents necessary to apply for grant funding.

Councilors OK’d several 2012 Small Cities Community Development Grant applications.

Funding proposals include:

Rehabilitation of existing housing ($400,000)
Housing ownership programs ($400,000)
Rehabilitation of the West Side Sewer System through Green Infrastructures ($1.5 million)
Fort Ontario preservation and project planning for a community recreational center ($300,000)
Main Street Revitalization on the city’s east side ($250,000)
And job creation and economic development through construction of a Hampton Inn in the city of Oswego ($1.2 million in grants and loans).

West Park has a new set of caretakers.

The Common Council accepted an offer from the Oswego Tree Stewards to adopt Franklin Square Park (West Park).

Mayor Gillen said he received correspondence from Phil MacArthur on behalf of the Oswego Tree Stewards, asking to adopt the park.

They are interested in litter pickup on a daily basis throughout the year and recognition for the Tree Stewards with the addition of their name on the “Adopt-A-Park” sign already in place at the park.

The park has been “an orphan” since Sigma Gamma fraternity abandoned it in the late 1990s, according to MacArthur.

The council approved John Josh’s request to use public space.

The contract purchaser of property located at 156 W. Second St., wants to place café tables and seating with a rope enclosure, between the curb and property line.

Councilors also approved use of the Breitbeck Park Pavilion on Aug. 26 for a yard sale to benefit HEART of Oswego County (Humane Education and Animal Rescue Team).

According to Shelby Stepien, a representative of H.E.A.R.T., the event would likely be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Funds would benefit animal rescue and all the cost that go along with it, Stepien said.

The city accepted reimbursement ($898) from Brookfield Renewable Power to cover the purchase of a storage shed to store the lifejackets for the “Loaner for Life Jacket Program” that got under way this month.

The mayor was authorized to enter into an Interoperable Communications Agreement With the County of Oswego.

The agreement is an integrated system of equipment and facilities necessary for the provision of county-wide emergency communication services to provide for the safety and protection of the public and public safety responders.

It will be for a term of five years. Thereafter, it shall be automatically renewed without further action of the parties for three additional five-year terms.

The mayor was also authorized to execute all documents necessary to apply for a $156,000 Intermediary Re-lending Program Loan fund and contract with the USDA to access these funds.

The USDA recently advised the city that a proposal from Oswego for the funding would be considered favorably and provide the city with an opportunity to try the program with a moderate size capital fund, Mary Vanouse, community development director, said.

“The local fund would allow us to meet our immediate funding needs and manage a small portfolio of USDA loans to ascertain if the program is a good fit for Oswego’s business assistance programs,” she said.

And, the mayor was authorized to execute the 2012 agreements with the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau and the County of Oswego. The pact covers the east side and west side youth centers and the skateboard park.

The council accepted a bid submitted by Hamilton Equipment Company for a reconditioned cab and chassis for use by the Department of Public Works.

Funding will come out of the CHIPS account.

A request by Rita Tickle, personnel director, to attend the New York State Public Employers Labor Relations Association Annual Conference (July 17-20 in Saratoga Springs) was approved

The city renewed a junk yard license for Phillip Gordon & Sons, Inc.

The term is for July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

The council rejected the bid submitted for the Oswego Lighthouse Hazardous Materials Removal and Rehabilitation Project and further authorized the purchasing agent to re-bid the project.

They only received one bid, in the amount of $219,000, according to Vanouse.

C&S Engineers will provide modified specifications for the project, she said.

The purchasing agent will seek bids from qualified contractors for the modified scope of the project and bids should be submitted to his office by July 16.

The city accepted a donation of an 18-foot flagpole by the Oswego Flotilla of the 9th Coast Guard District of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

It will be installed at the upper deck of the lighthouse.

The council granted a variance of the noise ordinance to the Oswego Speedway for Aug. 7 from noon to 4:30 p.m.

The speedway is hosting the 95X concert “The Trespass America Tour.” There will be outside performances before the concert at the back grandstand during that timeframe.