Positively Parish News – Week of 08/31/2013

Jan Morse and grandchildren, Vehjric and Vanessa Dupree, spent the day together.

It was their last fun day together before school starts.

They went to the arcade and then to Friendly’s for supper, they also enjoyed a little window shopping.

Vehjric and Vanessa shared some of their ideas for Christmas gifts.

The whole family will be traveling to Disney World in February 2014.

A-P-W Dollars for Scholars

The A-P-W Dollars for Scholars organization is one of more than 1,000 chapters in the national organization.

The board president, Kristina Brouse, has announced that the board is actively working with the national organization to build a A-P-W Dollars for Scholars web site for our local chapter.

The web site will make the process much easier for students to enter the data needed to build their profile and obtain parental approval to be considered for a scholarship(s) from the program.

The board wants to keep the community updated on the progress of the web site and will announce the site as soon as it is available.

The plan is to start with a basic site and then to continue to expand and improve the site and you can help.

If you have a success story of a previous recipient of a Dollars for Scholars award please send the story to [email protected]

To make this column interesting and informative, we need to hear from you.

Email information to [email protected] or call 289-2391.