Positively Parish News – Week of 10-04-12

“Go out and see for yourself and to make others see what you’ve seen”.    These words were Eleanor Rooselvelt’s Motto and Objective in writing her “My Day” newspaper column.

News and Events at the Parish Public Library.

The lifts and construction equipment around the library this week is because of the need for chimney repair, including repointing the bricks.

What a positive difference in the appearance of the chimney where there are no longer weeds growing out of it. So when you are driving by or hopefully stopping in for your reading material, take time to give it a notice. See what a great job the contractor did.

The library is always decorated in a welcoming way for each season, and Halloween is no exception.
The Parish Public Library is decorated to welcome the Halloween season.

There will also be a new glass door installed at the top of the stairs, this will block out the cold drafts, and still provide complete visibility of the visitors entering and exiting the building. This   is just one of many positive improvements that have been made to this building without compromising its historic integrity.

Truly our “Jewel” in the community.

I know Mr. Mills and Mr. Petrie would be proud of how the Library has withstood the test of time.

The library is always decorated in a welcoming way for each season, and Halloween is no exception.

The displays in the past have been prize-winning. This year’s entry now decorates the front lawn.

We are always delighted with the many people that volunteer to make each season a festive occasion.

The library director reports that the new Saturday hours 11 a.m. through 4 p.m. are working well for the patrons.

For those that might not be aware of the members of the board of trustees and staff of the library, I have listed them.

If you don’t have a library card stop in and pay a visit, see what is happening in your library.

You will be greeted by one of the staff or one of the many volunteers.

The board of trustees of the Parish Public Library are:

Mary Houghton, president; Mary Lynch, vice president; Nancy Weaver-Bookheimer, secretary; Evelyn Newton and Eleanor Kinney.

Their meetings are public and are held the third Friday of the month; no meeting in December. The library holds a community Christmas open house in December.

The staff at the library are:

Bridget Swartz, director; Verna Henderson, assistant; Linda McNamara, permanent sub;      Sharon Chatterton, finances; Bruce Lewis, caretaker extraordinaire (we can’t say enough about Bruce, he makes the library and grounds look so beautiful).

Telephone: (315) 625-7130

Website: http://ncls. northcountrylibraries.org

Friends of the library, meet the first Thursday of each month:

Kathy Perkins, president; Jay Harvey, vice president; Pat French, secretary; Sandy Mensch, treasurer; Sharon Dockum, Joni Ladd, Verna Henderson, Tracy Kinne, Ruth Whitelaw,  Lillian Harter and Nancy Weaver-Bookheimer (board interface).

On October 20 the Parish Town Historical Society will be holding an Archival Day at the library.

They will have an historic display and selling their 2013 calendars.

Always a great Christmas present.

Women of Distinction Exhibit at the Parish Public Library.

Each year New York State Senate honors its Women of Distinction.

In the 48th Senate District, this year Mary Lou Guindon was a nominee.

Last year, Mrs. Gloria White was nominated.

Parish has very good reasons to be proud of both these ladies.

New York State is the home to countless women who are strong and colorful threads, vital to the fabric of our rich heritage, who have contributed, and continue to add to the advancement of our culture through their traditional and non-traditional roles in society*.

This year the Senate prepared a display for the purpose of honoring the Woman of Distinction and the nominees thereto. It has circulated throughout the district’s public library system.

*Legislative Resolution designating March 2012 as “Women’s History Month” in the State of New York.

Checking in with Evelyn Stelmashuck – Lady Farmer

Fall is in the air!

It’s been less than two weeks since the official first day of fall, Sept. 22.

It won’t be long before old Jack Frost will be nipping at our noses!

You know it’s getting chilly when you head to town early in the morn and see wisps of smoke wafting out of chimney after chimney.

The ridge in back of the barn is turning into a kaleidoscope of brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and browns.

You never know each year how the maples and oaks will change.

We have a few stands of pines and hemlock that seem evenly spaced throughout the ridge to add a block of green amongst the hues.

I didn’t think it would be a colorful year, but to my surprise it is coloring up beautifully!

The pumpkins and squash are being brought in from the fields. Can’t wait to make that first pumpkin pie, Jr.’s favorite. The potatoes need digging yet, but that’ll be about the last of the garden. Jr. reports the cranberry harvest has started. It’s a lighter crop this year with the berries being smaller than usual. The cows are getting antsy pushing on the fences.  You know what they say about the grass being greener on the other side. Well it’s true this time of year, and the apples are a tease too. They gobble up all those on their side and push and strain their necks to get that last one taunting them on the other side.

Everyone is busy getting the machinery greased and put away for the winter and doing all those extra-getting ready for winter jobs.

I guess I’ll go peel some wild apples I picked and make some applesauce.

The heat and the smell of cinnamon will make the kitchen cozy on this dark, gloomy fall afternoon!  Until next time, ‘may  your rooster keep crowing and your cream rise to the top’..  your Cow Belle.  (Evelyn Stelmashuck)

In Closing

I would like you to consider getting out in your community and join in, meet your neighbor, say hello to the person on the street, or give a friendly wave, it will make you both feel good.

Thank someone for a great job they are doing or have done; send a card to Rose Henderson she would love to hear from you.

Congratulate Chet and Gretchen Sayer, they just celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary.

Send a card (not email) to Mary Lou, she had a bicycle accident and broke her arm.

I can only hope you found something in today’s column, either informative or enjoyable.

Until next time, I will sign off.  Nancy Weaver-Bookheimer

Meetings that happened

Submitted by Bridget Swartz

The Parish Ecumenical Committee met September 30 at 2 p.m. at the Parish Faith Church of The Nazarene. Present were Pastor Paul Colgan, Linda Clark, Jacquline Lour, Evelyn Newton, Iceleen Fitzgerald, Joyce Sanderson, Bridget Swartz, Pastor Dan McCollister and Mrs McCollister, and Jeff Raner.

The schedules for the upcoming Ecumenical services were discussed and dates set for ecumenical choir practices.

The food  pantry report was given.

A new refrigerator and freezer have been purchased.

The pantry is located in the New Hope Presbyterian Church and is maintained by the Ecumenical Community.

Evelyn Newton gave a report on the Lisa Stoddard Scholarship Award.

The Ecumenical Thanksgiving service will be held at the New Hope Presbyterian Church, Christmas at the Parish Methodist Church and Easter at the  Parish Faith Church of the Nazarene.

The group plans to meet again in early 2013.

Upcoming Events

October 10 Parish Town Historical Society – guest speaker Russell Leach – History of X-Ray

Background: Leach is a licensed and nationally registered radiologic technologist.  During his career Leach has performed thousands of X-ray diagnostic procedures as well as been the administrative director of two large medical imaging departments.

Presentation: In 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the X-ray and since then it has had an ever-expanding role in the diagnosis and treatment of trauma and disease. This presentation will explain how X-rays work and the advances that have been made over the last 116 years. Leach will also discuss the most common procedures done today and what you can expect if your doctor orders a basic diagnostic X-ray, CT, MRI or any of several different types of scans.

October 26 – Annual Spaghetti Dinner for Parish Community Preschool

Carrie Miller, board president for the Parish Community Preschool announced its annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser  will be held on October 26 from 4-8 p.m. at the Parish Fire Department. There will also be a bake sale of desserts or take home, and door prize raffles.  Tickets are adult $7; seniors $6; kids 12 and under $3, kids under 3 free. Family plan: $20 (up to two adults and three kids). Carryout available. All proceeds benefit the Parish Community Preschool. Joann Wines and Lisa Sabine, the pre-school teachers will be in attendance to greet you and answer any questions.

APW Alumnae, Morgan Sobotka and Samantha Rogers new members of the Syracuse Brigadiers Winterguard.

Ann Sobotka-Hall, is fundraising to help defray the initial expenses ($950 for each girl).

Ann will run a 50/50 raffle and tickets on a cord of wood donated by Hall Firewood,  a $1 donation per raffle ticket.

Ann will also be collecting bottles and cans.

Drawing will be on October 31.

You can reach Ann for additional information, tickets or bottle pick up at 439-9747 or, email at  [email protected]