Positively Parish News – Week of 9-21-12

I would be remiss if I didn’t say how saddened the Parish Community is with the passing of Mr. Bill Brouse. One way or another he touched the heart and soul of everyone in the Parish Community.   Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family.

Traditions here in Parish run deep. One in particular started 47 years ago when Dave DeGraw and Milton VanEpps (Van) started having coffee and toast each morning at a little coffee shop in town called “Granny’s.”

You did not need a special invitation. If you were out about at that time in the morning you were welcomed to join in the conversation with your neighbor or friends.

When Granny’s closed they moved on to Beley’s for a few years. Until Beley’s closed.

The next morning the coffee and toast group went to the GristMill where it is still going on today.

There have been at least 20 different people joining in over the years solving the problems in Parish and elsewhere in the world and enjoying each other’s company.

A couple stories were told me. One time Frank Karbowski dozed off at the table while holding a cup of coffee, Chet Sayer quietly reached over and took it out of his hand so he wouldn’t spill it, the conversation continued uninterrupted.

Yet another time Harold Houghton and Chet stopped in before going on to their golf match.  Chet, suddenly wasn’t feeling very well and Harold took him home. Harold returned to finish his coffee and found another golf partner for the day.

If you are looking for Dave DeGraw, Doug Houghton or Leon Heagle and occasionally Chet Sayer around 7 in the morning you will probably find them in the corner booth by the window at the GristMill having their usual.

The waitresses know they are coming and bring over their toast and coffee as soon as they see them come through the door.

Bill Brouse was a part of this group.

Town and Village of Parish Economic Development Task Force meeting held September 12.

Fred Swartz, Deputy Supervisor summarized the meeting as follows:

Four representatives from the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) were in attendance.  They attended to talk about and answer questions on the proposed State Route 69 (Main Street) project through the village of Parish.

The road project was originally to be started in 2001 but has suffered one delay after another. The plans for the road have been completed.  It would include a bicycle lane, parking spaces, a new drainage system, a park and ride lot near 81 and new sidewalks and curbing.  With the purchasing of right-of-ways along this route it would be ready to start construction.

The bad news is that New York State has put a hold on the funding for the Main Street improvement project, even though the project would have been funded 80% from the Federal Government Highway Money.

If funding for this project was reinstated, construction could be started within a year. The DOT reps suggested that we contact our federal and state lawmakers with our concerns for this delay.

There are many problems with the present condition of Main Street in Parish.

One is poor drainage. On East Main Street near the southbound Route 81 entrance and exit the water comes off the hill with such force it frequently floods many cellars in its wake, and the water erodes the shoulders creating  large pot holes all along Main Street making it unsafe for pedestrians and cars alike.

Parish without municipal water creates another danger of the polluted road drainage seeping into wells.

Mayor Heagle talked of the many years of covering over of sewer manhole covers, some are at least two feet below ground level.

The Main Street of Parish is a very heavily traveled road and needs updating.

It’s sidewalks are so bad they are dangerous to walk on. The shoulders are also eroded making it unsafe for the much needed off road parking.

Another patchwork job is not the answer.

The next scheduled meeting of the Task Force is Wednesday, October 10 at 8 a.m.

This meeting is open to the public and your participation is always encouraged.

Upcoming Meetings and Events:

Margaret DeNeve, Special Events Director of American Cancer Society

We are having our first committee meeting Monday, October 15 – 6 p.m. at the GristMill Restaurant.

New location – Dave Chapman the owner has been wonderful in allowing us to have our meeting there on Monday nights in the back room.

If you have spoken to anyone in joining our committee and they are thinking “maybe” – inform them about the meeting and they are more than welcome to join us to see what it is all about.

Hope most or all of you can make it and looking forward on getting started for 2013.

Margaret can be reached for further information at: 6725 Lyons Street, East Syracuse, NY 13057

Office 315-433-5627 or cell 315-415-1318
Fax 315-437-8233


September 9, 2012.  Joyce and Ralph Vesey entertained 19 family members for the annual End of Summer Family Get Together at their home. The Guindons all attended. Nicole and Mary Lou rode bikes there. As usual everyone had a great time.

From left: Jim Steinfeld, Keith, Lori Rollson Bogan, Theresa Sheldon Besanson, Casey Wheeler, Charles Ingersoll, John A Johnson, Steve Crim and Beverly Waterman Crim. Photo taken by ML Guindon
From left: Jim Steinfeld, Keith, Lori Rollson Bogan, Theresa Sheldon Besanson, Casey Wheeler, Charles Ingersoll, John A Johnson, Steve Crim and Beverly Waterman Crim. Photo taken by ML Guindon

September 15, 2012.  Casey Wheeler, all the way from Columbia City, Oregon,  got together with a few of his fellow classmates from the APW Class of 1969 at the GristMill Restaurant. He was pleasantly surprised with a birthday cake made by Lori Bogan.

Tony Pisula of Shortsville, NY, visited his sister and brother and family, Evelyn and Steve Stelmashuck. They had lunch, caught up on the news. Tony and Evelyn visited the family graves at Holy Cross Cemetery in Williamstown. Later Tony and Steve attended the car show in Parish.

Tony and Steve enjoyed a day at the State Fair also.

Evelyn, Aubryn and Steve Stelmashuck were lunch guests of Bill and Nancy Bookheimer at their cottage in Three Mile Bay on Lake Ontario.

A group of old friends were together again.

Janet Clarkin, Deb Paterson, Cherie Stooks, Evelyn Stelmashuck and Bridget Swartz had a get together for Connie Meaney Berry as she has relocated to Martha’s Vineyard for her husband’s job.

It started with lunch and reminiscing and plenty of laughs at Cherie’s Garden House and then moved to the former St. Anne’s Church, recently purchased by the Stooks’ family.

Everyone shared memories of the church as they were all former parishioners of St. Anne’s.

Connie leaves her job of 16 years as editor of the Catholic Sun newspaper. Everyone wishes Connie the best.

Jan Morse and grandchildren, Vehjric, Vanessa, Zoeyanna  and Zada Dupree spent a lot of time together over the summer.  They went swimming, had picnics, went to the movies and Vehjric went to camp and they all went to family camp. They took turns staying over night. It was a great summer.

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