Positively Parish News – Week of July 1, 2013

A-P-W Dollars for Scholars
The A-P-W Dollars for Scholars organization is one of more than 1,000 chapters in the national organization.

The board president, Kristina Brouse, has announced that the board is actively working with the national organization to build a A-P-W Dollars for Scholars website for our local chapter.

The web site will make the process much easier for students to enter the data needed to build their profile and obtain parental approval to be considered for a scholarship(s) from the program.

The board wants to keep the community updated on the progress of the web site and will announce the site as soon as it is available. The plan is to start with a basic site and then to continue to expand and improve the site and you can help.

If you have a success story of a previous recipient of a Dollars for Scholars award please send the story to [email protected]

Route 69 Birdwatcher
Our good news is that three rescued cats at Skunk Meadows are doing well.

*Olivia’s broken leg is mending and she will have the wire out in two or three weeks.

Earl Gray Cat had the wire taken out of his jaw last week and is still in quarantine but is going to be OK.

And a third cat, a stray we are calling Tricot, has also settled in.

We have spent several thousands of dollars on veterinary care for the cats I wrote about.

This is out of pocket at a time when it is hard for us to budget our resources.

To have their story told would have been a sort of recompense if it made readers think about their driving, their responsibility for cats allowed to roam, and the wildlife that they will impact in their neighborhoods.

(*Note: I apologize for not updating you all on the black and white female cat that Pat had found which had been hit by an auto within three miles south of North Country Veterinary Hospital on the morning of April 23.)

Community VBS held at the Parish Faith Church of the Nazarene week of July 15 from 6-8 p.m.

Open to children in grades PreK-6.

This is a family VBS.

Parents are encouraged to stay with preschool aged kids and join in on the games and fun!

Family fun day on Friday with free food and games.

Peanut free snacks are provided daily.

Come join us in the ancient city of Athens and learn about Paul’s dangerous mission!

The New Hope Presbyterian Church will host a community blood drive on July 20 at the Parish Fire Station, 16 Union St., from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Please call 289-2391 to set up an appointment.

Summer is a critical time to keep the blood levels replenished.

The Parish Ecumenical Food Pantry is reorganizing in hopes of serving more families and in a more efficient manner.

Beginning on July 16, the food pantry hours will be from 2-5 p .m. and every Tuesday thereafter.

The Parish Ecumenical Food Pantry is located at the New Hope Presbyterian Church, 814 Rider St.

Remember that your local food pantry continues to collect nonperishable food items.

Please help those less fortunate.

Call Bridget at 625-7833 for more information.

The Parish Senior Club is currently collecting bottles and cans to benefit the Dr. William E. Merrill Parish Town Park.

If you have cans to donate and would like them picked up please call 625-4617 or you may drop them off at the Country Can  Return, 3378 State Route 69, in Colosse and place on the Parish Senior Club account.

Don’t forget the “Better Late Than Never APW Class of ’82 Class Reunion” to be held on July 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the  Happy Valley Inn, Route 69, West Amboy.

No cost to come, just buy your own food and drinks.

Dance or sway to 1980s music performed by a live band!

To make this column interesting and informative, we need to hear from you, email information to [email protected] or call 289-2391.