Prep Work Beginning for 2-Year Broadway Bridge Project

The state will need two years to rebuild the Broadway bridge over the Oswego River.
The state will need two years to rebuild the Broadway bridge over the Oswego River.

Fulton officials continue to prepare for this summer’s Broadway bridge repair project.

Tuesday, they approved asking for bids to replace joints on the Oneida St. bridge and approved a right of way for the state at one end of the Broadway bridge.

This spring, the state will shut down two of the bridge’s four lanes. Crews will replace not only the bridge surface and sidewalks, but also girders and piers underneath.

The following year, those two lanes will reopen and the other two lanes will close as the same work is done on the opposite side.

The bridge’s sidewalks will be closed for the entire two year period. The state plans to run shuttle buses from one end of the bridge to the other to replace the lost sidewalks.

The Broadway bridge is one of the busiest streets in the city. The state estimates 13,000 vehicles cross the bridge each day. The bridge is rated as structurally deficient by the state. It has a score of 3.6 on the 7-point scale used to rate the health of a bridge. A score of 5 or above means the bridge is in good condition.

Closing two of four lanes will cause more than a year’s worth of traffic bottlenecks.

Some of that traffic will shift to the aged Oneida St. bridge, which scores 4.76 on the 7-point scale and is not rated as structurally deficient.

“The joints on that bridge are shot,” said Mayor Ron Woodward of the Oneida St. bridge. “We have to replace them.”

He said the city will use a $100,000 grant obtained by then-State Senator Darrel Aubertine and preserved by current Senator Patty Ritchie to help pay for the project.

The right of way at one end of the Broadway bridge is necessary to allow the state to work on the bridge.

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  1. I hope they change some of the traffice patterns on the Oneida bridge for this. The Oneida bridge is currently a nightmare with no turn arrow left onto 481, I can’t imagine it with added traffic. Someone dropped the ball on it but with luck, if they change it for this, they will leave it when all is said and done.

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