Presenting Sara Milonovich And DaisyCutter

Submitted Article

OSWEGO, NY – DaisyCutter is a new band of adventurous luminaries from the myriad music scenes of New York.

They will be at Oswego Music Hall, 41 Lake St., Oct. 18 at 8 p.m.

It’s been described as “acoustic and electric, agnostic and eclectic,” but it’s much more than that, and trickier to describe.

It’s roots-rock, oldtime-newgrass, worldbeat-jazz with Celtic and other European flavors; it’s alt-folk, alt-country, alt-pop, alt-all.

Featuring the voices of Sara Milonovich (The McKrells, Richard Shindell, Cathie Ryan) plus the instrumental firepower of Sara’s fiddle along with the guitars and odd strings of Greg Anderson (Eileen Ivers, Whirligig) , and the unstoppable world rhythm section of Leo Traversa (Don Byron, Steve Kimock, Tania Maria) on bass and Ben Wittman (Paul Simon, Solas, Paula Cole) on drums and percussion.

It’s an explosion of music with as many colors and flavors as the melting pot that is New York – and not just the city, but the countryside too – a kind of “Downtown Upstate” band – rural roots with an urban edge.

It’s a band with one foot firmly planted in the soil of roots and traditional music, while the other kicks madly in a thousand different directions at once.

For more information, call 315-342-1733 or visit