Primary Day Finds Two Former Aldermen Squaring Off, Several Legislature and Supervisor Primaries

Two former Fulton Aldermen meet head-to-head today as they try to make political comebacks.

Ken Myers and Dana Smith are on the ballot in today’s primary election. They’re vying for the right to run for Alderman in Fulton’s Fourth Ward.

Myers resigned in January, 2008, after State Police arrested him. He and his son were charged with trying to get another person to give police a false story about a New Year’s Eve accident involving the son, Michael Myers, 41.

Michael Myers eventually was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison for making a false statement to police and DWI. Ken Myers admitted to obstructing governmental administration. He was sentenced to a year’s conditional discharge, meaning that if he got into no further trouble, his record would be wiped clean. He said in court he was sorry for his actions and that it would never happen again.

Smith is a retired Fulton Fire Department Deputy Chief and has been active in the Republican party for a long time. He was appointed to the Common Council when Myers resigned.

Smith lost his bid for a full term to former Mayor Daryl Hayden, who is the current Alderman.

In Oswego, there will be primaries for two County Legislature slots.

Democrats Jacob Mulcahey and Mercedes Niess vie for their party’s line in the 15th Legislature District, while Republicans Melvin Holliday and Mary Flett square off in the 17th Legislature District.

Town of Granby Republican voters decide whether they prefer another term for Supervisor Ed Williamson, or a shot at a first term for Jeffrey Fellows. They also vote for two Council member candidates from among these three people: John Snow, Susan Richardson and Joe Cortini.

In Granby’s 2nd and 3rd election districts, there is one more primary, among Republicans seeking the endorsement to run for County Legislature in the 23rd District. Incumbent Morris Sorbello and newcomer Sharon Martin face off there.

Hannibal’s 1st election district holds a runoff between Republicans Terry Wilbur and Donald Cooper for the right to run in the 21st County Legislature district.

Longtime Republican legislator Barbara Brown faces a primary challenge in her district, from Daniel LeClair. Brown’s come under fire as part of the outrage over the county’s handling of the Erin Maxwell case. Patricia Redhead and Debra Denery both want the Republican line in November’s election for a town supervisor in Palermo.

Russell Sturtz and Dorothy Jordal are both seeking the Republican Party’s backing to run for New Haven town supervisor today.

And along the north shore of Oneida Lake, Republicans decide a primary challenge to incumbent legislator Art Gearsbeck. John Martino seeks to unseat Gearsbeck, who votes independently.

There are primaries for town supervisor in Albion, Boylston and Constantia as well.